I ❤ Shanghai

The first week of October is known as The National Day Golden Week in China. It’s a 7-day national holiday really, but it’s called The National Day. Why it is not called The National Week, I don’t know.  I’ve stopped trying to make sense of things. It hurts my head. It’s one of 2 weeks in the year that are considered national holidays, the other is Chinese Lunar New Year Golden Week which begins in January or February. It’s January or February due to the Chinese calendar – I think. We’ll figure that out later.

The National Day holiday, implemented by the government for the People’s Republic of China began in 1999, so no long history or great storytelling. Unless you consider the primary reasons for The National Day holiday. It was put in play to help expand tourism within China and improve the national standard of living – oh, and as if only a side note, the 7 day holiday allows people to travel home to visit their families.

Last year the government reported that 86 million people travelled by road, 7.6 million traveled by air, 60.9 million travelled by railway. The Forbidden City located in Beijing set a new record of 182 thousand visitors in one day. Not to be too insulting, but Disneyland closes the gate at 75 thousand. Moving people and crowd management seem to be a strength of the Chinese.

For the retail industry, this is a huge week for discounts and sales. Everybody has sales. Everything is on sale and everyone is shopping. It’s China’s version of the U.S. Black Friday and Thanksgiving weekend.

The first week of October is also my birthday week, so this whole week off from work and celebrations sits well with Lu Si. I’m new here but next year, I hope to be the head of the dragon in The National Day parade.

A gift from Kenny

A gift from Kenny

Last night Kenny picked us up to take us out to celebrate. On the way, he handed me a beautifully wrapped gift. One of his friends, cross stitched a piece of art with the saying “Peace is a blessing” done in Chinese characters.   I ❤ Kenny.

Greg took me to dinner at Mr. & Mrs. Bund on The Bund. A delicious dinner followed by a night-cap on the balcony to witness The National Holiday Golden Week and a night time view of The Bund.

I hope you enjoy the photos and please make note of the crowd of tourists enjoying the views and the boats along the Huangpu River with a million of their closest friends.

12 thoughts on “I ❤ Shanghai

  1. Mary Johnson says:

    Beautiful, thanks for the journey. Very memorable birthday! Will you wear your go pro next year, so we can experience the view from the dragon head?

    • That’s so funny Mary. I’ve been wondering how to capture scenes for an upcoming blog “Streets of Shanghai”. The Go Pro is ideal. I think I’ll ask Greg to wear it while riding on the back of a motorcycle taxi. And yes, that’s a real option for transportation.

      • Mary Johnson says:

        As you know,That would make me so sick, can’t handle that much movement. Keep up the good work with the photo library.

  2. Janett says:

    Happy Birthday!!!

  3. Margie Hunt says:

    Happy Birthday, Lu Si – you’ve now joined the elite club of September birthdays: Gerry Frank’s (he turned 90 – there’s actually a birthday-wishing billboard on I-5 put up by friends); and, well, my birthday. (I suggested a billboard to my family and friends, but haven’t seen one appear…maybe when I’m 90)

    This blog is just beautiful – dreamy – felt like I was there. And loved the “One In A Billion” report of last week (so crazy with Board meeting prep, had no time to comment.) I love your storytelling, your writing style; I love your ability to educate and fascinate the reader. It’s as though we are at the “University of Shanghai” with you, learning. So, more, more, Lu Si. And thank you!

  4. margojoseph says:

    Happy Birthday Lu Si! It is great that Greg is there to help you celebrate . Love the pictures. Hugs

  5. Jack Folliard says:

    Interesting stuff! One thing you did not miss was the torrential game long downpour at last Saturday’s Duck game – “It never rains in Autzen Stadium” has once and for all proven to be a lie! Waterfalls down all the stairways and the parking lots were flooded not to speak of the 7 or 8 fumbles in the game. Wettest it’s ever been by far and new rainfall records set. Stadium half full at halftime and no more than 2000-3000 fans in the 4th quarter.

    Didn’t seem to bother real ducks or The Ducks as they beat the Bears 55-16!

  6. Jan says:

    We thoroughly enjoy the pictures, dialogue, and whatever else you happen to add! Some strange holidays, there. Oh well, give’s you and Greg time to investigate different areas. Fabulous!!!

  7. Tract says:

    Hi Rosemary and Happy Birthday! I am enjoying reading about your adventures and laugh and cry with you in spirit. Thrilled to be experiencing it all through your wonderful words. Take care of yourself and do something everyday that makes you happy.

  8. Tract says:

    Guess my name is now Tract since I typed TRACY wrong!

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