Acting Out

Allow me to set the scene. 4 years ago, in a small farmacia (that’s pharmacy) in Sitges, Spain, 3 kids and a husband hid behind a display of sunscreen while one confident, bold woman acted out the need for “Imodium AD” to the pharmacist.

I credit my acting skills to Ms. Trustee, my drama teacher from Mt. View Junior High, and more recently, the improv class offered by On Your Feet of Portland. Skills that have served me well as I make my way through international travels.

It’s not always pretty, well, truth be told, it’s never pretty and can be embarrassing to The Saints when a pharmacist just watches my performance, turns away, goes into a back room and comes out with the spanish version of Imodium AD. Who knew he spoke inglés? His loss. He missed my next act, “swimmers ear” preformed to the female pharmacist on duty later in the week.

My acting skills have come in handy again this week as I set up house in Shanghai. I made my way around the small store located near my temporary apartment just fine. I only had a few items to purchase and did so without needing any assistance.

IMG_0909My list included, a small box of cheerios, non-fat milk, a jar of Adam’s Natural Peanut Butter, a loaf of bread (it’s really a half loaf as it’s made fresh, with no preservatives, so you’ll need to eat it fast) and some laundry detergent. And okay, fine, I also purchased some delicious chocolate, imported from Switzerland. Hey, I’m in transition so back off. The total came to 603.10 Renminbi or RMB, the official currency for Mainland China. Because the money looks like play money to me and not yet real, I pulled it out of my wallet and willfully handed over the colorful bills. It wasn’t until I walked out that I pulled up my currency calculator app to see that I had just paid $99 for my small bag of groceries. I realized, I had just shopped at the equivalent 7-11 of Shanghai.

I came home to find two housekeepers cleaning the apartment. Perfect. I needed some help in figuring out how to work the washer. I motioned one over to the machine and pulled out the laundry detergent from the bag and starting in on my acting skills. I opened the drawer to where you would pour the detergent and pointed to the three options or small wells. I’m thinking, one for detergent, one for bleach and one for softener. She was very nice, smiling and nodding, not understanding anything I was saying but watching as I acted out the pouring of the detergent. She called over her co-worker who then called, using a walkie-talkie, their supervisor. He arrived and four of us stood around staring at the three options. Finally, after they seemed to be ignoring my fine acting skills, the supervisor, turned the machine on, watched where the water came in and pointed to well #1 as the place to pour the detergent.

After they left, I stood staring at the front of the machine. I had my clothes loaded and the detergent poured in well #1. I then just stared at the front of the machine. Nothing in english. No pictures, really. Just Chinese symbols and some numbers.

IMG_0907 So what’s the harm in trying. I hit a few buttons and ta-da, water starts flowing in and the machine starts going. Great right? Well, that went on for about an hour when I heard the beep, signaling it was done. I went to check and the clothes were pretty wet, so I hit what I thought was the button for “spin cycle” and the wash started over again, locking the door. This went on for three tries – all the while, my clothes held hostage for 5 total hours. They are all very clean and hanging all over the apartment, taking days to dry. I’ll act out “spin cycle” again today when housekeeping returns.


I wandered the city this week in hopes of finding a more cost effective and reliable place to shop. I like the idea of the store front shops on the back streets. They seem completely authentic. But for someone who has germ issues of the most basic sense, this just seems like too much, too soon.

And then I found it. Just a block away from where our permanent apartment will be is the newly opened Ole Market. It’s the New Seasons not quite Whole Foods I was looking for. It’s new. The aisles are wide and clean. They carry food, wine, cheese, candy, imported meats and fish. They have a coffee bar and host wine tastings and cooking classes. The prices are comparable to what I would pay in Portland. It’s perfect.

I’ve been back several times if not to purchase anything but for us to get to know each other. I’m sure they’ll remember me in both the cosmetics section where I acted out “make-up mirror” and at the coffee bar where my performance of “french press” was award winning.

IMG_0868 IMG_0869 IMG_0870 IMG_0871

8 thoughts on “Acting Out

  1. margojoseph says:

    You are amazing! I never could figure out the money when we were traveling. I’m sure I spent much more than was needed. I love the pictures. Is Greg there yet? Hugs

  2. Patsy says:

    We were in Sydney Australia before they went to the Dewey Decimal system (1963). They had tuppence and thruppence, shillings and pounds back then. It did not take us long to figure out the system when we kept buying things. The nicer restrooms were okay, had wax paper for toilet paper and when you washed your hands you then paid a tuppence to get a towell to dry off! Love the globe on which we live and travel!!

  3. Lani Shimer says:

    Rosemary, you are a hoot!! I can only imagine your version of “french press”!! Love your blogs and photos. That store you found looks to be very nice. I am looking forward to your book after you return!!

  4. Babs says:

    Roremary…love the stories. I feel like I am there with you. Thinking of you and smiling! Keep it coming. (Btw I spell her name that way on purpose)

  5. Janett says:

    There is nothing more comforting than a clean, spacious, well lit and well stocked supermarket.

  6. Jan says:

    I’m having this mental picture running through my head, much like those little books that we used to flip through, that made a story. lol

  7. Sara Paul says:

    Love that story!
    I had that some experience in Normandy, France last week. I was acting out the need for us to get a cab to come and take us to the train station from our B&B. After I paid the French only speaking lady for someone else’s room that I realized I needed help. I brought down my IPad and google translator and typed in what I needed she then acted out what she wanted to say. Pretty commical.
    I can say my train station acting was award winning- chugga chugga chu chu!

  8. Dee says:

    Your Blog is hilarious. I love living through the pictures and stories….all of which I’ve shared with hubby!

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