More Wall

6 thoughts on “More Wall

  1. Mallory Romero says:

    That wall is so high it’s like your going to fall:( it’s so long!!

  2. bboudreau734 says:

    Hi Rosemary, I’m friends with Patsy McLean. I first saw the great wall in 1976 and then again when we lived in Guangzhou from 93 to 96. Thanks for renewing wonderful memories.
    Our daughter Leigh frequently travels to China on business. Hope you get to meet one day.

  3. Cain, Aaron says:

    But Franz Bakery did make some pretty sweet white bread. Let’s see them do that on the wall.

  4. Jeannine Westerholm says:

    Fantastic pictures! What a great experience.
    Those of us that grew up at the beach would have LOVED to go to the Franz Bakery for a change of pace from the Lewis & Clark camp for the 100th time.

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