Everyone Should Live In China At Least Once

Thank you Andrea Xu for describing so well about the challenges, opportunities and realities of living in China. I’ve been struggling this last week with a few “Bad China Days” with the pollution, the heat, the humidity, the crowds, the noise and yes, the pooping in the streets.

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Preferably, when you’re young and resilient, so you can handle the pollution. Living in the pollution will make you question how so many people can live like this, to have days where you can’t see the sun because of the smog. Living in the pollution will make you have a greater appreciation for the environment, and perhaps, to be more active in conserving it.

Live in China, and be surrounded by the 1.4 billion people that inhabit the country. Surprisingly enough, there will be moments where you feel completely and utterly alone. You will learn the power of human interaction, and you will learn to appreciate your friends and family more. You might become more shameless, and be more prone to striking up conversations with strangers. You’ll build relationships that you never would have had otherwise.

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Go and live in China, for the sake of…

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2 thoughts on “Everyone Should Live In China At Least Once

  1. margojoseph says:

    An interesting overview of life in China.

  2. meegs says:

    what a great read…thanks for sharing it.

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